About Us

Apone Associates is a family-owned business focusing on financial,

accounting, tax and real estate services. Over the past 40

years, we have been servicing a wide variety of clients ranging

from individuals, small to medium-sized businesses,

corporations, partnerships, estates and trusts. Most of our

clients have been with us for many years and the number of

referrals has been a testament to the way we do business with

integrity, care and dependability.

With our diverse experience, we effectively serve a variety of

small to medium-size businesses from hair salons, auto body

shops, service stations, sign sales, real estate firms,

electronics component manufacturers, graphic design firms,

painting and building contractors and landscaping supply


All of our partners of this family-owned business put the

client first and are truly concerned about doing the best job

for each and every client by building relationships and trust.


Please contact us at (508) 540-8178, cell (508) 410-4348 or

e-mail us at mapone@aponeassociates.com to discuss your

particular needs.